Visual Dec2Frac


Visual Dec2Frac will show you the relationship between a decimal value and the nearest English measurement fractions.

How to use it

  1. Input the decimal value to be shown.
  2. Select the coarseness level of the Results graph.
  3. The location of your input will be displayed.
Screen Shot

How to get it

Visual Dec2Frac 2017.9.24.7 is available here. MD5 Sum: 61707c15c353cc39d313f53707891e8b

Visual Dec2Frac 2017.9.24.7 source code is available here. MD5 Sum: 26e2931c28504f6bc134e15548f2de4c

Visual Dec2Frac is coded using Liberty BASIC.


VisualDec2Frac is licensed under the GPL v3.